Scott C.
Great local lunch spot! Loved the subs! Will be back next time for sure. The steak and cheese was amazing.
Abigail P.
Very pleasant people working at Mr Nick's. I received a big hearty welcome as soon as I walked in. The Fort Lauderdale Chicken sub is so delicious I had to order it two days in a row. They serve breakfast and lunch all day. Inside was very clean, and offer both inside and outdoor seating.
Ashton Kroeger
This place is great for lunch in the city. Every sub I’ve tried has been fantastic so far and the staff is excellent, all very friendly and welcoming. Overall amazing!
Minda L.
I've walked by this sun shop many times but never ate there. It's located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. It's by the parking garages across from the Main Library. Because it was recommended, we ordered the Fort Lauderdale Chicken sub. It took less than 5 minutes to make and it was absolutely delicious! Without a doubt, i will be returning to this sub shop.
Mia Zoll
I would highly recommend this sub shop for lunch downtown. The employees were extremely helpful and curious. They explained all the options of subs and also suggested different subs based on the kind of food that you liked. Clean and well taken care of. The were economically priced and the restaurant was located in the middle of downtown.
Moises Alicea Jr
I ordered the Fort Lauderdale Chicken sandwich and it was delicious. Everything was fresh and delicious 😋. God bless you brother and I pray God bless your business.
Camellia Dixon-Calloway
They are very good and the service is awesome I do recommend you to try them out.
Precious Leavelda Bradshaw
The Service was Excellent and Great Vibes
Brenda Reddick
tuna sub was great. cheese steak was great. turkey sub was great yup it's all good